Consumptive Use Coefficients

To estimate consumptive use, the states and provinces apply various consumptive use coefficients as summarized in the table below.

Water Use CategoryJurisdiction
Public Water SupplyN/A12-26%12.5%10%10%15%12%10%15%12%
Self-Supply Commercial and InstitutionalN/A10-15%12.5%10%10-50%10-90%9-15%10%N/A0-20%
Self-Supply IrrigationN/A10-90%90%90%90%90%85%90%90%70%
Self-Supply LivestockN/A0.1-83%0-80%90%10-80%80%0.8%5-80%80%0-90%
Self-Supply IndustrialN/A0-90%10%10%6-95%0-100%0.8-80%10%N/A0-95%
Self-Supply Thermoelectric Power (Once-through cooling)N/A2%0-13.5%2%2%1%0.9%N/AN/A1%
Self-Supply Thermoelectric Power (Recirculated cooling)N/A5-60%8-92.8%60%5-50%10%N/AN/AN/A60%
Off-Stream Hydroelectric Power ProductionN/AN/AN/A0%0%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Self-Supply - OtherN/A10-15%0%0%10-100%0-80%0-0.9%N/AN/A0-10%

Developing more accurate consumptive use information is a regional priority. The following reports on consumptive use is available from U.S. Geological Survey Great Lakes Basin Pilot Publications page:

Consumptive Water Use Coefficients for the Great Lakes Basin and Climatically Similar Areas

Fact Sheet: Consumptive Water Use in the Great Lakes Basin

Variations in Withdrawal, Return Flow and Consumptive Use of Water in Ohio and Indiana, with Selected Data from Wisconsin, 1999-2004